[Q&A] Which Stroller Is Best For Me?

Searching for a stroller as a parent is one of the most important things you’ll have to do. However, it may prove to be very confusing and time consuming given the fact that there are so many stroller types and brands to choose from. Many parents find themselves wondering which stroller would be best for them and finding that perfect stroller lifts a huge burden off your shoulder.

Types of strollers

  • Travel system

This is a system with 3 baby gears combined that is a stroller, a car seat and a base. A car seat can be used in both the car and the stroller while the base is permanently installed in the car using the seat belt. Once the base is installed the car seat is simply clicked into place.

This particular system is very convenient because if you infant falls asleep during the car ride you don’t have to wake her up you  simply remove the car seat and place it on the stroller then secure your child in place to keep her safe. Once they outgrow the car seat you can now use the stroller on its own.

  • Frame stroller

This stroller is only used when the baby is in the car seat. It is very inexpensive and lightweight however, the child quickly outgrows it.

  • Jogging stroller/ All terrain

These are strollers specifically used for jogging with you little one. They are designed to work on a number of different surfaces and are fitted with protection for the baby against any bumpy movements that may cause discomfort. They are bulkier than other ordinary strollers because they have a very large front wheel for balance.

  • Double strollers

These strollers are ideal for a family with more than one child. They are specifically designed to help reduce the hassle that would be if you had to move around with two babies in different strollers. There is one side by side stroller and another one seat directly behind the other stroller. These strollers come in handy for those with two kids since they are able to move around as though they were one. However, they may be too large and need a lot of space to carry it.

Factors to consider when choosing a baby stroller

  • Baby’s age

A stroller that is being used by an infant is definitely different from that of a toddler in that the infant’s stroller is supposed to recline completely because the child does not have the ability to seat up yet while the toddler can seat up and admire all that they see.

  • Pre determine your budget in order to look for strollers that are within that price range and make it easier to find what you want.
  • Determine what is more important to you in the stroller be it versatility, simplicity or just not wanting to buy another one any time soon as baby grows. Making sure you have thought and planned this out will make it easier for you to decide on a stroller.
  • Whether you want to be able to make eye contact with your child or you want them to face forward and see what surrounds them and get familiar with the environment.

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