Review: Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller Guide!

joovy zoom 360 ultralight jogging strollerIt is time to review again and we have a stroller option that you may not have considered. It is called the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller and for those of you who like to get a little exercise every day it is potentially a godsend… or is it? In today’s article we are going to review this stroller so that you know all of its perks and also what we didn’t like about the product. We’ll be sure to tell it like it is with no sugarcoating so that you can make up your own mind as to whether or not the Joovy Zoom is going to be a good fit for you and your baby. Without further ado, let’s review!

Finding the right stroller

When selecting the right stroller it is mostly, but not completely about your baby… there are some things that you need too. Some of us have an active lifestyle, for instance, and like a jog every now and again. Some of us get tired of purchasing items that need to be replaced within months (in some cases). So, are there durable, jogging type strollers that can be used for a long time and that have a few perks for the parents without taking an enormous bite out of your wallet? The Joovy Zoom purports to do exactly that. Let’s see if it’s got everything that your baby is going to need and what it has for YOU as well!

About the longevity of the Joovy

We’d mentioned that you might be in the market for a product that you don’t have to give or throw away in a few months and if that got your attention then mission accomplished! To address this claim we’d like to tell you now that this stroller is rated for up to 75 pounds of weight. Yes, it is that durable. Not every parent has the luxury of a babysitter at their beck and call every time that they wish to go on a nice jog and so this stroller is designed in such a fashion that you can get some good years out of it. In this world of disposable baby products (often at outrageous prices, considering their brief usability) the Joovy is a breath of fresh air. Let’s take a look at the specs so you can get a better idea about this product.

Solid constructionjoovy zoom 360 ultralight jogging stroller

The Joovy Ultralight is quite well built. Sporting aircraft aluminum, it is strong, lightweight, and gets you and baby from point A to point B. It weighs in at around 26 pounds, which negates the ‘lightweight’ claim a bit as this is pretty much an average for strollers, but due to the materials it is quite a bit more durable and Joovy is intending to make reference to their previous model with the ‘lightweight’ title, as they redesigned it and took about 10% off the weight. The full measurements of the Joovy Zoom are as follows:

  • Exact weight – 25.7 pounds
  • Actual dimensions – 54 x 25 x 46 inches

Of note on this model that benefits the sporty types out there is the front wheel. This 12 inch inflatable tire can be set into a ‘fixed’ mode for safer running or in a ‘swivel’ mode for maneuverability. You have to kneel down to switch it but this feature is excellent for jogging. It has an adjustable 5 point harness that secures your child well for the ride and it reclines more than most strollers out there so your little one can enjoy the ride and maybe even get a little rest while you exercise. Like many strollers, it has a dual cup holder for parents, a zipper pocket for keys, and basket storage for quick shopping trips or carrying extras. The canopy extends enough to keep your baby shaded and happy even in inclement weather and there is a ‘peekaboo’ window in the back as well. Now, we mentioned inclement weather

“Reflective tape is in place on this stroller”

but we should point out, Joovy DOES NOT make a specific rain attachment for this model, so while your baby is covered for a light sprinkle you will still want to get inside as soon as possible. We were a little disappointed in this but not many people like to jog in the rain so we can understand this. Reflective tape is in place on this stroller so that there is improved visibility for those around you that you are jogging with baby and as far as maneuverability, we like it better than many other strollers we have reviewed. It is easy to get it where you need to go. Now, the folding portion of the product is a bit of a pain and we should address this. While it is easy to fold and put away, it is NOT a one-handed operation and that is a serious point against the Zoom.

Our only other complaints about the Joovy Zoom

The Joovy comes with a foot brake that takes a bit of a firm step to engage. A bit of usage may smooth it out a little but we found it to be rather stiff. We would have preferred hand brakes, to be honest, but beyond this, the lack of a rain canopy, and the two-handed operation this is a great option for joggers who want to take baby along and still keep their budget intact.

joovy zoom 360 ultralight jogging stroller

The final verdict

Despite its faults we rather liked the Joovy Zoom ultralight. With the aircraft aluminum frame, adjustable front wheel, and the general longevity of the product we feel that this is an excellent choice of stroller for those of you who want to keep active and make those walks with baby a little more health aggressive. With that in mind, if you are looking for a good, solid jogger then take a closer look at the Joovy and you can get a few more details to help you decide if the Zoom is a good fit for baby and you!


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