Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Theme Ideas For YOU!

rubber duck baby shower ideas
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Who doesn’t like rubber duckies? Have you been thinking of hosting a baby shower for someone close who is expecting a new little angel in their life? In this article we will give you some rubber ducky baby shower ideas that you can build on and use to craft a baby shower that will be fun and the subject of happy nostalgia for years to come. If you are ready, let’s get started with a few tips on how to set up your rubber ducky baby shower theme properly!

Rubber ducky baby shower photos

Photos are an integral part of any gathering of this nature. You have a rubber ducky baby shower theme*group of people who have come to honor mom and a child who is soon entering this world and you should really capture it for posterity. Pictures of guests eating, playing, and making faces are always welcome in the scrapbook so be sure to get plenty of them. This backdrop gives you a great ducky-themed wall-hanging to support your theme and to serve as a background for some great photos. It features a cute little rubber ducky floating in a blue and white bubble bath along with the caption ‘Baby shower’. You can set it up in the main room for the shower or in a separate room designated specifically for photos, whichever you like. Just be sure you get lots of those photos for later!

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Rubber ducky baby shower centerpieces

baby shower duck themeCenterpieces are an important part of any baby shower. How you use them is up to you. Some people like to surround them with food and beverages, others use them for the gist table or a candy station. Whichever you decide on, this centerpiece set can ‘duckify’ your table properly. It includes a centerpiece of a rubber ducky swimming in the bathtub with the caption ‘welcome baby’, as well as cardboard ducky cutouts, a ‘welcome baby’ banner, and a pack of yellow and white striped straws to keep with your ducky theme. Your guests are gonna love it!

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Baby shower duck theme dining

duck baby shower ideasYour guest have got to eat, of course! Now, you don’t want to have to spend the rest of the evening cleaning so something disposable is in order. That gives you a quick cleanup and in this case, more support for your theme. This ducky dining set comes with tableware enough for 16 guests. It includes 2 tablecloths, 16 regular plates, 16 dessert plates, 16 regular and beverage napkins, 16 yellow cups, and even sunshine-yellow cutlery for 16! All branded with duckies, of course. So make your cleanup a snap while supporting your theme with some ducky dinnerware, it just makes sense.

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Rubber duck baby shower decorations

Need some more additions to decor or maybe even a cute little rubber ducky baby showeraddition to your gift bags? Look no further! This assortment of 50 cute little rubber duckies is sure to fit the bill (we couldn’t resist). These little ducks can serve a number of purposes, anything from being prizes in some games that you organize to decorations or adorable additions to your guest’s gift bags. You’ll want to keep them but you will have to resist, despite the fact that these are assorted ducks… some have sunglasses, there are ladybug ducks, large-eyebrow ducks, Dalmatian ducks, monkey ducks, and more! With

” Each ticket states that the entry fee is one box of diapers.”

50 of them you can surely put aside a few of your favorites and use the rest to delight your guests (or simply get another set for yourself, you know that you want to!)

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Duck themed baby shower ideas

rubber ducky baby shower centerpiecesWe thought that one item was particularly clever and sounded like a lot of fun. These ducky diaper raffle tickets let you designate a prize which your guests can win if they participate in the raffle. Each ticket states that the entry fee is one box of diapers, so you can include a ticket with each of the invitations that you send out and it will help to ensure that when baby comes there is no shortage of diapers for a good, long time. While there are a number of gifts that people like to give at baby showers for mom or for the upcoming child, practical ones are often the ones most appreciated. A baby tiara might be cute but let’s face it, if there is one thing you can never have enough of it is diapers. As far as the prize, that will be up to you. You know your guests better than we do so you should be able to pick something. If you are really at a loss you might consider a gift certificate at a popular music venue or restaurant. Gift certificates seem a little impersonal when given to an individual but in a raffle they are highly desirable, as you can get anything you want from the origin store of the certificate. Be sure to get a picture of the winner, as well, to send in their thank-you card. It’s a picture that will be sure to bring them a smile!

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Last minute ducky ideas

A cute way to send out your invitations involves those assorted rubber duckies. You will want to get some Styrofoam packing peanuts, your invitations, and some small boxes. In each box, put the invitation on the bottom with the raffle ticket inside it, a rubber ducky on top, and then pack in your peanuts and ship them out. Your guest will receive a box and seeing that little ducky first will motivate them to RSVP as soon as possible!

In conclusion

In this article we have delved into all things ducky in order to give you a base design for hosting a ducky themed baby shower. We hope that you will take these tips and apply them with some twists of your own to make a baby shower that Mom and your other honored guests will long remember. Just don’t forget to get yourself a second set of those rubber duckies!

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