Safe And Soothing Humidifier Additives For Babies

humidifier additives for babies
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Ever thought about using a humidifier for you and for your baby? They are handy little devices. When the air is dry it is quite easy to develop complications from sinus issues. With a humidifier, that is simply not an issue. As a bonus, you can add essential oils to the humidifier that will not only make your environment smell pleasant but that can have beneficial effects for your you and your baby. In this article we will discuss humidifier additives for babies and provide you with some suggestions that you can try at home so that you can reap the benefits of essential oils and your humidifier. So how do you know if your baby needs a humidifier in the house?

Signs that baby might need a humidifier

The most common sign that your baby might benefit from a humidifier is congestion. If your baby has excess or discolored mucus then this is one definite sign that congestion might be at play. If baby is having trouble eating from their bottle then this can also be a sign pointing in the same direction. Throw in frequent coughing and it’s certain, baby is definitely congested. A humidifier for the congestion that your baby is experiencing is a great way to fix this problem quickly.

Now, we mentioned that you can add items to the humidifier to help to soothe baby , let’s go into a few examples that can ease baby’s congestion, a few recommended humidifiers, as well as some other beneficial oils that you can add to them.

What can you put in a humidifier for congestion?

When it comes to congestion, what to put in the humidifier for your newborn? Well, saline is one popular and safe option that has been used by many parents for quite some time. The saline drops in your humidifier work to clear up that nasty congestion in no time flat. Now, if baby is a little older, you can also try adding eucalyptus oil to the humidifier. Make sure that it is not close to baby, just in the room at a distance, and the soothing eucalyptus scents will soon be in the air and working on your baby’s stuffed-up nose. It’s rather like when you put eucalyptus gel under your nose but minimized so that it is safe and effective for your baby.

So what is the best humidifier for baby congestion?

That one is going to be fairly subjective, after all we just need to be able to put a few drops of oil inside so that the humidifier can work its magic. That said, in case you are not comfortable with adding the oils yourself, we’ve selected one option that lets you skip that step and one option that lets you use oils if you would like.

Vicks Mini Filter-free cool mist what to put in humidifier for babieshumidifier

Small, affordable, and from a brand that you trust, this humidifier is perfect for small rooms as well. As this is Vicks, they do offer their own ‘vapopads’ that can be used in conjunction with the humidifier but this model IS NOT designed for essential oils. They offer their vapopads in menthol for congestion and lavender for helping with sleep, which is not too shabby and gives you a chance to skip putting oils directly in the humidifier if you are worried about the prospect. As far as performance, the Vicks will run for about 20 hours when on its lowest setting and it will automatically shut off when the humidifier runs out of water (it holds about half a gallon). Now, if this one doesn’t strike your fancy, there is a different model that you might like better for the bells and whistles.

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Proscenic 807C with Alexa and App controls

best humidifier for baby congestionThis one is quite a bit more fancy. It holds about 5.5 liters/1.45 gallons of water and features a baby mode that you can put to good use. This unit can be controlled from your phone with a downloadable app and is also compatible with Alexa if that is your preferred means of interface. This humidifier is designed to work with aromatherapy so you can certainly add oils to it and it boasts a run time of about 36 hours (which can mean you don’t have to change it as often because you can program a schedule in it!). Overall, this is a very nice unit and a great choice if you want to use essential oils to soothe your baby.

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Other essential oils you can use

If you are wondering what else to put in the humidifier for babies we have a few suggestions that you can use. Some good examples are as follows:

  • Chamomile – Chamomile can help with anxiety, colic, and sleep issues so this is a nice oil to have around for the humidifier.

” Dill has a calming effect and can help with indigestion as well.”

  • Mandarin – If your baby doesn’t like lavender then this is an alternative that you can use to help them get a full and peaceful night’s rest when they are being fussy.
  • Dill – Dill has a calming effect and can help with indigestion as well. If you see the signs of indigestion (agitation and crying while curled up in a fetal position, for instance) then a little dill oil in your humidifier might just do the trick.

When using essential oils in your humidifier

Baby doesn’t need a huge concentration of the oils so stick to just using a drop or two when you are giving your baby aromatherapy. This keeps the scents from being overpowering or irritating to your baby and ensures that we are keeping things safe.

In closing

In this article we have discussed using a humidifier for congestion and more. Essential oils are a popular option with many parents and something that you and your baby can benefit from as well. Just be sure to check with your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns, stick to only 1 or 2 drops of oil, and baby will be reaping aromatherapy benefits in no time!

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