Size 4 Diapers Weight Size Chart: Organic Diapers

When it comes to choosing diapers, we want to make sure that we invest in ones safe for our baby! That’s why many parents have considered investing in organic diapers, made of non-toxic materials for our baby and environment. However, size can be a hassle, as I often think about the size 4 diapers weight, which caries per brand!

That’s why I wanted to do more research on the different organic diapers available to find out what I needed. So read on as I show you a helpful size chart on popular organic diapers to help you find the right ones!

Size 4 Diapers Weight Organic Diapers Size Chart

size 4 diapers weight
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Here are the top five organic diaper brands and their respective size charts to give you an idea on what to get:

Abena Bambo Nature Premium

organic diapers

This organic diaper brand is certified and ensured that it’s free from any harmful chemicals. It’s also been dermatologically tested with the Nordic and FSC eco-labels.

•4.5-9 pounds: Bambo Diapers Size 1

•6.5-13 pounds: Bambo Diapers Size 2

•11-20 pounds: Bambo Diapers Size 3

•13-31 pounds: Bambo Diapers Size 4

•15-39.5 pounds: Bambo Diapers Size 5

•26-48  pounds: Bambo Diapers Size 6

•35-66 pounds: Bambo Diapers Size 7

Earth’s Best TenderCare

The Earth’s Best diapers are free from any perfumes, dyes, and latex. They’re also made of renewable materials like corn and wheat, still staying absorbent and comfy for babies and toddlers.

•Newborns up to 10 pounds: Newborn

•8-14 pounds: Stage 1

•12-18 pounds: Stage 2

•16-28 pounds: Stage 3

•22-37 pounds: Stage 4

•27-35 pounds: Stage 5

•Over 35 pounds: Stage 6

Nature Babycare Eco-Friendly

These diapers are made with GMO-free corn-based film. Besides this, they’re free from any fragrances and chlorine, which may be harmful to your little one!

•8-14 pounds: Size 1 Diapers

•12-18 pounds: Size 2 Diapers

•16-28 pounds: Size 3 Diapers

•22-37 pounds: Size 4 Diapers

•27-35 pounds: Size 5 Diapers

•Over 35 pounds: Size 6 Diapers

Nurtured by Nature

Nurtured by Nature diapers are made with the chlorine-free pulp, also using up to 30% less petroleum compared to other diaper brands. Its diaper sheets are made with renewable sources called Inego fiber, soft to the touch.

•8-14 pounds: Size 1 Diapers

•12-18 pounds: Size 2 Diapers

•16-28 pounds: Size 3 Diapers

•22-37 pounds: Size 4 Diapers

•27-35 pounds: Size 5 Diapers

•Over 35 pounds: Size 6 Diapers

Seventh Generation

7th gen diapers

I like Seventh Generation as their diapers are made without any petroleum, fragrance, chlorine, or latex and still stay high-quality! Here are the different Seventh Generation Diaper Sizes:

•Newborns up to 10 pounds: Seventh Generation Diapers – Size: Newborn

•8-14 pounds: Seventh Generation Diapers Size 1

•12-18 pounds: Seventh Generation Diapers Size 2

•16-28 pounds: Seventh Generation Diapers Size 3

•22-37 pounds: Seventh Generation Diapers Size 4

•27-35 pounds: Seventh Generation Diapers Size 5

•Over 35 pounds: Seventh Generation Diapers Size 6

Why Use Organic Diapers? 

Why do you need to get organic diapers, what exactly do they do compared to regular ones? These are extremely beneficial with advantages like:

No Chemicals and Safe For Babies

Besides this, it has NO harmful chemicals

For starters, organic diapers are usually made with a light and breathable material, ensuring that it’s gentle on skin. This lessens any risk of diaper rashes and improves their comfort while sleeping.

Besides this, it has NO harmful chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about any potential illnesses from the diapers as well.

Save the Environment Your Way

Did you know that diapers are one of the most thrown away trash worldwide? Most of these disposable diapers are made with harmful and unsustainable materials, which hurt the planet in the long run! With organic diapers made with eco-friendly and sustainable resources, you’ll be able to do a small part in keeping the world a better place.

Good Absorbency and Leak Protection

organic diapers might even be more absorbent than regular diapers

Many parents fear that organic diapers aren’t as high-quality as regular disposable diapers. But that’s not the case organic diapers might even be more absorbent than regular diapers because of their natural and sustainable materials.

Some studies show that organic diapers can control leaks better than traditional ones.

Choosing Quality Organic Diapers

Now that you’re familiar with the different diaper sizes and benefits of it, what else should you consider? Besides the respective brand sizes, here are other important factors to look into while choosing organic diapers:

What’s The Diaper Made Of?

There are different types of fabrics to choose from, such as:

•Organic cotton diapers are the most popular, bring thicker and softer than traditional cotton

•Hemp is untreated fabric which is more durable and absorbent than cotton, also more sustainable

•Wool is amazingly absorbent AND more breathable than any other material

•Bamboo is growing in popularity, a sustainable material that’s breathable and with good absorbency

Type of Diaper You Need

There are also different types of diapers to consider, like:

•Pre-fold diapers are folded in three sections, either pinned or worn using diaper covers

•Flats are like pre-folds, but larger squares you can fold in different ways for your baby’s fit

•Fitted diapers are gathered around the legs, similar to disposables

•All-in-one diapers are similar to fitted diapers, though with a waterproof outer layer

• Pocket diapers have two pieces, an absorbent insert, and outer diaper layer

Ease of Use and Washing

It should also be easy to clean if you choose a reusable organic diaper

Your chosen organic diaper should be known to have excellent absorbency and leak protection, depending on the material and its quality. I like ones that can stay dry for at least eight hours or overnight!

Besides that, I recommend that your chosen diapers are easy to use, depending on how you prefer placing it on or off your little one. It should also be easy to clean if you choose a reusable organic diaper

Wrapping It Up

I know how much of a hassle it can be finding the right type of organic diapers for you. By learning about your little one’s size and weight, it can help narrow down your choices. At least now, you have more of an understanding of what organic diapers are and how they can help you!

I hope my article on size 4 diapers weight and size for organic diapers helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and begin choosing the ones at the right sizes now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with organic brands like 7th Gen Diapers or Bambo 4, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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