Some Ideas For Your Elephant Themed Baby Shower

elephant baby shower ideas
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So, is someone close to you expecting and they are hinting that they would like an elephant-themed shower? We can certainly help with that. Themed showers are a great way to evoke a fun-yet-organized atmosphere for a baby shower that keeps everyone in focus. So, what are some good ideas for an elephant baby shower? We’re glad that you asked! Here are a few things that you can use to support the theme AND to help make cleanup a snap. Are you ready? Let’s discuss!

Elephant Themed baby shower: It’s a boy!

There is a little one on the way and it’s a boy! Congratulations are in order! People will soon be gathering for a baby shower to honor both mother and child and to help prepare them for the times ahead. The first thing that a good baby shower should have is a little atmosphere. So how do we accomplish this? There are actually quite a few items out there that you obtain to help you to create a themed baby shower that looks great with a minimum of effort. Let’s explore a few items that we have found to help you with this.

Elephant themed baby shower decorations

A company called Rainmeadow provides a good start to our elephant baby shower centerpiecesdecorations. This kit comes with various decorations in blue, grey, and white which can be put together to make for an attractive themed environment for you and your guests. This set in particular comes with two banners, one reading ‘It’s a boy’ and the other captioned with ‘Baby Shower’ across its length. That is not all, however. You also get honeycomb balls, fans, and paper lanterns to compliment your banners or to hang from the ceiling around the room to promote a proper festive atmosphere.

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Elephant themed baby shower decorations – DIY

Some portions of a baby shower should be done by hand, however. One great way to keep things easy to organize and yet send across a bit of a personal touch is to do your invitations by hand. We recommend finding blank cards with elephants on the cover so that you can personalize the invitation inside to give it that personal touch. It takes little effort and makes your guests feel extra-welcome!

Elephant centerpieces

elephant themed baby shower boyEdible centerpieces are a great way to decorate without going over budget. An elephant themed cake or even cupcakes can look great with the addition of these elephant toppers. This set in particular comes with 24 cute little elephants that you can stick into cakes, pies, or whatever else you like and then arrange in the center of the table for later snacking with your guests.

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Elephant themed baby shower dinnerware

Speaking of snacking, you don’t want to have a lot of cleanup after a elephant themed baby showerbaby shower. The best way to keep the theme and to make cleanup easy for you is to go with a dinner set that you can simply dispose of after your shower. To this effect, here is an elephant themed set that you might consider. It contains 16 plates, cups, and napkins which all sport a little blue elephant holding up an umbrella to stay dry in the rain. It’s adorable, actually, and keeps with our elephant theme.

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Elephant themed baby shower guestbook

elephant centerpiecesMementos of good times should always be collected and treasured. One way to do this is a guestbook. This elephant guestbook has an adorable pachyderm sitting on a pile of leaves with the caption ‘It’s a boy’. This particular guestbook assigns one page per signature, so that you don’t have to worry about any blank spots in your guestbook, and it also includes a gift log to keep track of presents and special ‘memento’ pages as well.

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“You also get a good amount of photos for starting a scrapbook…”

Don’t forget your photos!

You can’t have a baby shower without photos! While traditionally the elephant baby shower decorations diybaby shower is just the prospective mother and female friends and family, more often than not there are also going to be some children present. Get pictures of your friends and kiddos in front of this Funnytree 7 x 5 foot elephant backdrop. This backdrop features a smiling, cute little elephant sitting in front of a wooden wall with lights above his head. A good backdrop can make for excellent photos and we recommend that you place this in a separate room for photos or on a far side of the room where you are hosting the shower so that you have a great location to drag off guests for their pictures. Be sure to take lots and after the shower when thank-you cards are being sent you can include the photos within the envelope. It adds a personal touch and reminds everyone of the good time that was had at this shower. You also get a good amount of photos for starting a scrapbook which you can gift to the expectant mother later, to cherish and slowly fill with pictures of the growing little angel once they have arrived.

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Some last minute tips

Don’t forget to make sure your guests rsvp so that you know how many adults and how many children will be present. This can help you for planning any entertainment that will be offered during the shower and to make sure that there are enough drinks and snacks so that your guests are well taken care of. Also, don’t neglect your vegetarian guests. Make sure that you’ve got a little variety on your food table so that no one goes hungry or feels awkward.

In closing

In this article we’ve discussed how to organize your own elephant themed baby shower. We’ve gone over some decoration ideas as well as a few tips and tricks. Overall, you are the one who is going to know your audience, so it will be up to you to make a few tweaks to the foundation that we have provided here for your own party. We’re sure that everyone is going to love it!

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