Tips On Hosting The Perfect Princess Baby Shower!

princess baby shower
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There is a new princess coming into the world and everyone is excited. The perfect way to honor the royal mother and her little highness is a baby shower, of course. So how do you plan the perfect princess baby shower? Whether it is a Disney or standard-variety princess baby shower, it’s actually quite easy if you know where to look for supplies. We’ve compiled some tips as well as some decoration ideas that can help to take the royal pain out of creating the proper royal reception. If you are ready, let’s discuss creating some baby shower ideas focusing on a princess theme so that you can craft a party that’s just right!

Princess theme baby shower: Honor thy Mother!

Let’s start with a little homage to the expectant mother. This adorableprincess baby shower decorations pink sash bears the legend ‘Growing a Princess’ and helps to make sure that Mom is getting plenty of attention and instantly recognized. After all, she isn’t simply the spokesperson for the princess, but for a day she is the Queen in her own right, so help to make sure that she feels like it with this pretty little sash.

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Princess Baby shower decorations

princess baby shower ideasThis 73 piece set is pink and silver, the perfect colors for your princess party. It includes banners and balloons reading ‘It’s a girl’ and ‘Baby shower’ but there is much more. Straws, paper lanterns, pom poms, and even baby-bingo cards. We selected this set because it fits the princess theme and comes with so many different decorations that it will save you a lot of money in your party planning. Check it out at the following link and see what you think.

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Princess baby shower gift box ideas

There are a lot of gift box selections out there and these are our princess theme baby showerfavorite. This set includes all that you need to make 50 2 x 2 x 2 tiny gift boxes to fill with surprises. The craft paper and twine give these a homemade look that your guests will appreciate at the same time that they save you time in making your own. If these are meant for your guest’s children you can fill them with candy or a small toy. For adults, skin creams or tiny soaps are good examples of items that you can put inside.

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Princess baby shower centerpieces

princess baby shower centerpiecesOf course you will want to set up some sort of centerpiece display and these centerpiece sticks can help; Pink with golden crowns and reading ‘Princess’, there are also tiny carriages and castles. The best way to utilize these is in marble-filled glasses or in floral arrangements that you can use to flank an arrangement of desserts in the center of the table. Your guests are sure to be delighted and well-fed if you play it right.

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Don’t forget your photos, of course!

You will want to get lots of photos of the baby shower, of course, and disney princess baby showerthis backdrop is a great way to make each photo quickly and easily identifiable. Featuring a little princess greeting your guests along with the caption ‘A Little Princess is on her way’, the backdrop itself is 7 x 5 foot and makes a perfect background for capturing photos of your guests and their kiddos. Be sure to place it on the far side of the room or isolate it in a similar fashion so that it’s easily available for quick shots or just use it as a welcoming decor upon the wall to bring a smile to guests as they enter!

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” Take a number of pictures during the baby shower. “

A few tips for a successful baby shower

Everybody loves mementos and if you have a printer at home this is a fun thing that you can do. For a nice surprise, conspire with the mom-to-be and make some thank you cards in advance. Include a personalized message inside but be sure not to seal the envelopes. Take a number of pictures during the baby shower and sneak into a back room every now and again to print up some of the best, at least 1 of each guest. This way you can acquire a keepsake photo for each guest that you can include inside the thank-you card. Once the picture is added, seal the envelope and put the guest’s name on it for handing out when they go to leave. It is just a little thing but the personal note and memento photo really add that thoughtful touch which your guests will be sure to remember. Also, don’t forget to insist on RSVP for that you can plan the evening’s entertainment. Traditionally a baby shower just included women but these days it can be just about anyone. Coworkers, lots of kids… your entertainment will depend on who will be attending so be sure to get that RSVP so that you can select something that will fit your crowd.

A last-minute tip

Oh, and don’t forget finger foods. Main entrees are nice and cake is yummy, but nothing contents a crowd quite like a selection of snacks and things to dip them in! Couple those with some non-alcoholic drinks pre-mixed in plastic containers with taps (so that your guests can serve themselves) and you’ll have happy, full guests in no time.

Some final words

Well, there you have it. When it comes to planning the perfect princess themed baby shower, the biggest parts are setting the atmosphere and taking care of your guests. Invitations can be hand-made or you can easily find cards at a local shop with a princess on the front which are blank inside. Yes, you could use form invites, but it’s always better when you can keep things personal. So get those invites written up and start planning what foods you are going to have, which decorations you like best, and what’s going to be in those gift boxes for your guests. A little princess is coming into this world soon and she deserves the honor of a royal reception!

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