What Is The Best Detangler For Curly Hair On A Toddler?

best detangler for toddler curly hair
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Curls. If you have them, you are lucky. Many people with straight hair pay A LOT of money to have those curls. That said, when you were a toddler, those curls were probably a curse to your mom and dad. Now, life has come full-circle and you find yourself fighting your own child’s curls. What can you do? In this article we are going to discuss the best detangler (or detanglers) for a curly hair on a toddler as well as a few tips and tricks to help you manage those shiny, yet unruly locks. Are you ready? Let’s discuss!

Fighting the good fight

Every day, starting first thing in the morning, it’s going to be you vs. those curls. As beautiful as they are and as much as your child will love them later, right now it really seems like an uphill climb, no? There are some things that you can do to help, however. Three primary methods come to mind, those being the following:

  • Finger combing – Sometimes you’ve got some big knots to deal with and even thinking about whipping out that comb can put your child in a panicked frenzy (how do they always know?!). A simple method for dealing with this is to use your fingers to lightly separate what you can, brushing them through your child’s hair at the same time. You can get out a surprising number of knots this way and then move on to the brush or comb from there with confidence.
  • Brush from the bottom up – Another curly hair detangler method you can employ is great for children with longer hair. Holding the hair firmly in a center-spot/the middle so that there is no tugging in the base, brush the hair from the bottom up in quick, short strokes. If you do this right, there is no tugging on the points at the scalp. The downside, of course, is that you can get some split ends but regular haircuts can help to compensate for this.
  • Assistance via detangler products – You have your own special shampoos and conditioners, so why not some for your child? The trick is finding the best detangler for kids. Something that smells nice so that they won’t hate it and above all, something that’s effective. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with a few that you can take a peek at if you are considering this option.

Detangler products for curly hair

We’ve compiled a few products for you to check out and we will tell you what we think about them. Unfortunately this is sometimes a trial-and-error process, the biggest hurdle being finding one that your child likes. To this effect we recommend that you try a few different scents in order to find your kid’s favorite (and to save yourself a little grief as well!).

Totlogic Kids Detangler Spray and Leave In Conditionerbest detangler for kids

Our first entry is one that is easy to use. Simply spray on your kiddos hair, whether it be damp or dry. It’s great for knots and like some of your favorite shampoos it has Jojoba and other essential oils. This is a plant-based spray and it smells great, due to the jojoba, bergamot, sweet orange, and lavender essential oils that are infused in the mix. If you like natural products and want a subtle but pleasant scent in your detangler, this is a good one to go with.

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                        “Jojoba, bergamot, sweet orange, and lavender essential oils…”

Hamilton Babies Elegant Emmy Leave In Conditioner

curly hair detanglerThis detangler is partially the brainchild of one Dr. Robert C. Hamilton. A pediatrician noted for creating a 10-second calming method for babies known as ‘the hold’ (worth a Google or perhaps we’ll discuss it in another article!), this detangler sports all natural ingredients and won’t leave your kid’s hair oily. It contains vitamin B5 (in the form of Panthenol) as well as Quinoa for strengthening, protecting, and thickening your child’s hair as well. This one doesn’t smell as good as our other listings, sadly. Not a bad scent but not as fruity and friendly as the others on this list.

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Little Twig All Natural Hypoallergenic Conditioning Detanglerbest detangler for curly hair

For scents, this is our favorite of the list. This detangler is not only fantastic at what it does but it has a tangerine scent to it that your child will love. Employing wheat proteins and Panthenol/B5 for strengthening your child’s hair, this product won’t leave any oily residue. Just leave it in or give it a few minutes, rinse, and go. Your child’s hair should relax enough for a good brushing and then you will be worry-free (at least until your kiddo gets home from day care, if you have a day job in addition to parenting).

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So which one is the best?

Actually, all of these are very good. It is going to depend on which one your kiddo ‘allows’. You know how they are! Try one or get a couple and see which scents your kid will fuss the least about. If we had to recommend one, the tangerine scent from the Little Twig detangler is really, really nice. Tell your child that the fairies made it with tangerines and before you know it you’ll be having to hide the bottle!

Some final words on tangles

While they drive you and your child nuts right now, as you well know those curls will be an asset and the envy of others one day, so don’t get frustrated. Be sure to try the finger combing method, brush from the bottom, and don’t hesitate to try a toddler hair detangler. Detangler spray for toddler’s has been a godsend for many parents so if you don’t believe it, just see it for yourself! With these strategies and a bit of resolve your kiddo will soon be old enough to fight those curls on their own. Until then, keep on fighting the good fight! Our little ones are so worth it!

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